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Our Philosophy

  • Real Deal Nourishment

    We put Good In our foods because we believe that foods should be fully transparent, unadulterated and whole. Our native flavors sing their own greatness and because we know our bodies need real deal nourishment from powerful whole food ingredients, we’ve consciously made our foods with ingredients like supergrain blends, nutrient rich coffee fruit & detox support herbs, just for you.

  • Real Deal Nourishment

    We put Good Out in the world too, giving $0.05 per sale to the International Rescue Committee, helping refugees from harm to home around the world to here in the U.S. And, we are committed to sourcing clean Non-GMO and Organic ingredients as well as seeking ingredients that can have a positive impact on farmers and communities, like coffee fruit.

  • Real Deal Nourishment

    We believe when you live earnestly – putting good in your body and good out into the world, you feel Good Vibes reflected back. Here in Solana Beach, California, we’re all about sending and receiving good vibes. So wherever our foods find you, know that they come along with a little bit of sunshine from our team of Earnest optimists.

  • Real Deal Nourishment

    We’ve created a magazine on Flipboard that shares with you our lens of Good In, Good Out and Good Vibes with stories and reports we’ve curated across food, recipes, sourcing and sustainability and nutrition, as well as our unique perspective of earnestness we find in daily life.  We hope you’ll check it out and find it as enjoyable and useful as we do! click here to read our Earnest Eats Magazine

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Hot & Fit Oatmeal
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High Fiber 6-7g 8-9g Protein Quinoa + Amaranth + Oats Non-GMO Project Verified Loads of real food goodies like nuts & berries

Energized Hot Oatmeal
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Coffee Fruit – Antioxidants + Caffeine Coconut Oil – High Quality Fuel Superfood Grains – Slow Release Carbs 97% Organic High Fiber


Our Earnest Cause

The International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Every Earnest Eats purchase, helps support our cause partner, the IRC, as they help millions of displaced Refugees From Harm to Home.

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Coffee Fruit

Powers You.
Supports Farmers.
Restores the Planet.

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Clean Food

We believe the way we grow, source, produce and consume food has the power to improve the well being of people and planet.

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