Stuck inside with the rain and snow this winter wondering how you are going to stay fit? As for your tan, we’re at a loss. However, there are many ways to stay in shape through cold weather conditions, without having to step foot outside. Varied calisthenics and cardio based movements will continue your fitness by toning muscle and burning fat without ever seeing the sun, purchasing a gym membership or owning fancy gym equipment.

Use a chair, couch or stairs

Work your triceps and biceps through chair dips and push-ups. Alternate dips and pushups by placing your hands behind you on a chair at a 90-degree angle and your feet out in front of you with your legs straight.

After your dips, flip your body around placing your feet on the chair and your hands out in front of the ground keeping your back straight.


Work your core on your yoga mat

Lay flat on your back, hands behind your head and bring your legs to tabletop position. Alternate your elbow to opposite knee. Advance your regular core plank by rolling a water bottle out and back in front of you, switching off right hand to left hand.

Burn fat with quick cardio exercises

Mountain climbers, jump split squats and step ups will do just the trick. Increase your speed to get your heartrate up with 2-5 minute intervals will up your calorie burn. Heck, throw in 30 second jump rope sessions in between your favorite Netflix episodes.


We all know winter weather has our bed calling our name and highly dissuade us from our regular fitness routine. So, get ahead of the spring beach body chaos and keep up with the gym diehards. Stay fit through the cold season with a couple of these suggested exercises keeping you motivated and ready to hit the trails once the sun shows itself this spring! Additonally, check out our expert diet tips to an unsweetened diet. And yes, then you will have more free time to chillax and work on your tan.


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