Probiotics. They’re the craze, the hype, the next b­­ig trend stirring up the health industry. So, you’ve heard about them, you know you need them, yet you don’t really know what they do. Let’s break it down, and figure out why maximizing your probiotic game is so important to your body’s nutritional needs.

Wait, so how do we really break down nutrients?

When we snack on our spinach salad, or for some of us, chow down on our Chinese takeout, our body starts the digestive process of extracting nutrients from our food. Digestive enzymes facilitate the chemical breakdown of food nutrients into smaller, absorbable components. These digestive ninjas break down starches into sugar molecules and proteins into amino acids. Then our food is brought to our liver to be refined and detoxified.

The difference between moderate absorption levels and ideal levels is all in the enzyme. Digestive enzymes are produced throughout our digestive track and organs ready to meet, greet and break down nutrients. They aren’t all as big and bad as they sound. The digestive enzymes need assistance for full absorption while they facilitate the process rather than complete the digestive cycle.

How do you up your digestion game?

As we’re sure you never order Chinese take-out, and take your vegan spinach salads seriously, your diet is composed of high-fiber meals such as whole beans and large servings of delicious leafy greens. Fiber, a main component in vegan food, is more difficult to breakdown, putting stress on your digestive system due to the high amount of nutrients and cellular walls still present in your food.

Don’t get us wrong, natural diets are absolutely wonderful for us, however, your digestive ninjas are overworking leaving less nutrients for your body to absorb. To maximize on the good food your choosing for your body, it’s essential to call in back up. Supporting healthy digestion and nutrient absorption can be addressed by taking probiotic and digestive enzyme supplements.

Well, so what’s the deal behind probiotics? Essential to good health, probiotics are bacteria found in the digestive tract that prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, promote digestive health, and boost immunity function. Bam! Three amazing benefits and there’s more. Guess what? Probiotics are not engineered, or genetically modified natural supplements, naturalizing your digestion. Sound like winners, right?

Cutting to the Probiotic Chase

Probiotics are measured in “CFUs,” colony-forming units, which measure the number of trained ninjas in a probiotic. Each probiotic strain provides a multitude of benefits so it may be difficult to find the exact strain that will benefit your specific digestive deficiency. In addition to the number of strains, daily recommended dosages are on the rise around 500 million CFUs to 1 billion CFUs.

Protein & Probiotics

Taking absorption to the next level, we’re pairing 1 billion probiotic CFUs with 16 grams of protein in our natural food to let you experience a protein packed punch for breakfast. This will be the world’s first ever protein and probiotic breakfast maximizing protein absorption for your muscles. Let’s face it, we all need a little extra help in the muscle department.


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