Hello friends – We are very excited to share with you more details about our new Earnest Eats Baked Whole Food Bar Flavors: Double Chocolate Espresso and Dark Chocolate Mint . We’ve had so many requests for more chocolate flavors that we couldn’t resist launching two of them – both use the same base ingredients of our other baked bars – organic whole oats and almond butter – but add real espresso and real dried mint leaves for an indulgent kick to taste buds.

In our HQ Mira has been scolding me for eating too many of them, and telling me unkind things like I’m going to get fat, but that is at least an indication of how irresistible they are! And hey, with 4g of fiber per serving (as much as a bowl of raisin bran), I can tell you that one of them with a cup of tea or coffee for breakfast really settles my appetite for quite some time.  So take that, Mira! (editor’s note – i can only joke with her because she’s one of our favorites here 🙂 ). Both are now in our warehouse and rolling out to our retail customers – Safeway stores with natural foods sections will be one of the first to carry them – but you can now find them on our earnesteats.com webstore too.


Of particular fantastic-ness is that we use real mint leaves grown and harvested by refugees here in the U.S. on community farms.  This is part of our friendship with the International Rescue Committee who runs these community farms in a program called “New Roots”, as part of their global efforts to bring people “From Harm to Home.” If you haven’t heard about the IRC i highly recommend checking them out at http://www.rescue.org/ – they do amazing work helping people wherever there is conflict in the world. Each bar we sell carries as $0.10 donation to the IRC, and we purchase the mint directly from their U.S. community farms at above fair trade pricing to help support their efforts. It’s the first program of it’s kind that we’ve heard of, and a really special way I think to connect ourselves from farm to helping people to table. This has been an incredible effort for the IRC to certify their community farms for use as ingredients in a food, and I want to give special thanks to Emily, Ellee, Danielle and the rest of the team at the IRC for helping make this happen.  We’ll share more details soon but think of this as your sneak peek. We’ve had a request for the nutritional facts panel on these new bars so I’ll insert them here too for your reference.Image