By Mark Mandel, Co-Founder & V.P. of Sales The holidays are a time to be grateful for family and friends. This season, I’m especially thankful for the privileges we too often take for granted – the comforts of home, a warm bed at night, access to health care, and an abundance of delicious, nourishing food. These are comforts that only exist as a dream to the world’s refugee population. Today, there are more refugees than at any time since World War II. Their lives have been shattered by war and famine. They had to leave the lives they knew, often at a moment’s notice. Many are dependent on the goodwill of individuals and organizations such as the International Rescue Committee. The IRC responds to the world’s worst crises, providing safety, shelter and hope for refugees in more than 40 countries around the world – including right here in the U.S. The people who work for the IRC are incredibly selfless. They dedicate themselves to making life better for the men, women and children whose lives have been forcibly changed forever. That’s why Earnest Eats is a proud supporter of the IRC. We are inspired by their efforts to give back humanity when it’s been taken away.   We are impressed with their array of services, from food, shelter and medicine to books and classes that help refugees become self-sufficient. And mostly, we are moved by the stories of refugees who have started anew and flourished. Whenever you purchase Earnest Eats, we make a direct donation to the IRC for programs like New Roots, an inner-city farming collective that started in San Diego and has spread to over 20 U.S. cities. Look on our packaging for more information about the IRC and how you can get involved at This holiday season, help the IRC transform lives and give a rescue gift or donate to help rescue lives. Looking for even more ways to get involved? Contact Aubrey at [email protected], and she’ll connect you with your nearest IRC office for volunteer opportunities. Have your own inspiring story about helping others? Contact Aubrey to start a “giving” story chain on the Earnest website! Wishing everyone a happy, healthy & safe holiday season, Mark Mandel, Co-Founder & V.P. of Sales ErinOveisBrantPhotography-4042-1925777379-O