We are all guilty of it. Ordering the Starbucks White Mocha with extra caramel, buying sugary cereals your kids beg for or grabbing a last minute chilled can of Coke at lunch hour. It doesn’t count if it’s at the office, right?

The grave truth of sugar and additive consumption have both harsh short term and long term effects on the body. Here are 6 quick and easy ways to minimize added sugar from you and your family’s diet.

1. Skip the latte and grab your morning coffee, black.

We know, it sounds scary, but bear with us. Not only does it eliminate an unnecessary sugar spike in your morning, but it saves you a couple bucks per day that can add up to 20 dollars a week.

2. Avoid flavored yogurt, as these creamy snacks are disguised sugary treats!

Choose your yogurt based on the nutrition facts label as protein, probiotics and calcium while dismissing fruity flavors from your grocery basket. These products pack too much of a sugar punch for a small 4-oz container.

 3. Toss out your sugary dressing and toss in balsamic vinegar with your lunch salad.

Balsamic vinegar is naturally sweet, so this simple vinaigrette recipe doesn’t need any additional sugar.


4. Add citrus, pepper or spice, not sugar.

To grab an extra kick of flavor, try a dash of cinnamon or a squeeze of lemon. Not only does this boost your immune system, but allows your body to more easily process your meal rather than spike your afternoon blood sugar.

5. Read your labels for hidden sugar.

Everyday items that American families consider staples in their family’s diet contain unexpected, high levels of sugar including whole milk, bread, and frozen foods. On your next grocery trip, make sure to double check the total sugar content in your frequently bought items. 

6. Replace heavy dessert with a naturally sweet ingredient.

Use dates, coconut or coco powder to flavor an after-dinner snack. Make your own ice cream by blending your favorite almond or coconut milk and organic frozen fruit. This rids your late-night nutrition of unnatural added sugar while also controlling your serving size. With a large, sugary ice cream tub available, we’re more likely to go for a second, or heck, even finish the whole thing.

The effects of a lifetime of high sugar consumption may lead to high blood pressure and cholesterol, and in turn leading to more serious conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and organ failure. Protect your body by eating clean and pay closer attention to nutrition labels! Utilize our fast remedies for a less sugar-ridden diet for you and your family. And then it’s okay treat yourself to the Starbucks White Mocha once in awhile!

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