Earnest Eats Hot & Fit Cereal Cups

  • Balanced Nutrition from whole food ingredients all in one place. In the summer, my kiddos have pretty easy access to healthy snacks whenever they feel hungry. But when school starts back, they have to adjust to going for longer periods of time without eating. So, I really want to make sure that they eat a balanced sustaining breakfast with enough protein, fiber & complex carbs and good fats to keep their bodies and brains fueled up. One hot Earnest Eats hot cereal cup provides 8g Protein from nuts and seeds, 6g Fiber from quinoa, oats & amaranth and 8g good fat from nuts and seeds. They are also Non-GMO and have the cleanest ingredient list around. Boom! (Parent Tip: If your kiddo eats less food than a cup provides – buy the pantry pack and you can adjust the serving size to each individual)  [space size=10]
  • Super Fast Prep just add hot water and wait a 4 minutes. (Parent Tip: I ask my boys to use this time to locate and put on their shoes). If you’re like me and you are trying to achieve nutritional balance, it’s tough to do in less than 5 minutes. It usually requires making a few different breakfast items and seriously who has time for that before getting the kids to school? Oh, and if you run out of time in the morning, those cups travel well. My oldest son has been spotted skateboarding to school with his in hand, (though we don’t recommend that for safety reasons). [br]
  • Totally Customizable. Kids are individuals with their own preferences, but catering to everyone in a time crunch is impossible. I’m not running a diner, so making eggs for one and oatmeal for another is out of the question. But, what I can do with Earnest Eats hot cereal cups is allow them to customize to their liking. One of my boys adds fresh berries, one nut butter and the little dude likes both. My hubs takes it straight. (Parent Tip: Sometimes I make overnight oats by adding almond milk the night before and let the kids choose their favorite mix-ins. They are ready right when we roll into the kitchen in the morning) [br]

I sincerely hope this product works as well for your family as it does for mine! Click this link and use the code “BTS15” to save 15% on our hot cereal cups. Will's 4th Birthday   Julie Sweet, Mother of 3, Earnest Eats Marketing