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Who is Earnest? The simple answer is, we’re all Earnest.

Earnestness is our intent and not a person, although when we make mistakes here we wish we had someone named Earnest to blame instead.

With over 20 years creating foods for other brands, we founded Earnest Eats on a very personal dream that things can be better. The healthfulness of our food, how we source ingredients, and how we give back is our earnest purpose. You’ll see this in our superfood hot cereals, which we crafted over 3 years of development in my home kitchen, inspired by porridges we enjoyed in Asia, Europe and the Americas, until it was the ultimate oatmeal we’d ever seen. And all of our foods give back to the International Rescue committee, helping families from harm to home here in the U.S. and around the world.

With a dedicated, passionate team based in Solana Beach, California, everyone here is invested in consciously creating holistic, healthy, delicious foods for your family and ours. We invite you to enjoy them.

In earnest,

Andrew, and the friends and family at Earnest Eats


From the moment you open the package to your very last bite, you can see, smell and taste that Earnest Eats foods are different. What makes them different?

We put only Good In our foods because we believe that foods should be fully transparent, unadulterated and whole. Rather than add flavors and enhancers to our foods we let the native flavors of natural ingredients sing their own greatness. And, because we know our bodies need real deal nourishment from powerful whole food ingredients, we’ve consciously made our foods with next-level ingredients. You’ll find cool stuff like our supergrain blend (quinoa + oats + amaranth), nutrient rich coffee fruit & detox support herbs. Plus, our foods are all free from wheat, soy, dairy as well.

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