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1-Day Refresh Detoxifying Hot Cereal Pack

For over 8 years everything we do at Earnest Eats is about creating powerfully nourishing foods. With many of us here embarking on cleanses and seeing the challenges, nutritionally and mentally with many programs, we decided it was time to develop a food based program with the best and most efficacious ingredients. We don’t believe in cleanses and ones that leave you feeling depleted. The Earnest Eats 1 Day Refresh is an edible detox to help you feel bright, balanced and energized. Our holistic nutritionist-designed hot cereals made with real food, efficacious herbs and spices to support the body’s natural detoxification process. Enjoy anytime or part of our 4-Step, 1-Day Refresh.



1-Day Refresh


(4 Cup Pack)

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