1 Day Refresh Journal –

Earnest Eats Detoxifying Hot Cereals

Andrew Aussie


Dear friends,

I created our hot cereal detox to be a Real Food Cleanse, as a complement or replacement to juice cleanses.  Many here in San Diego and our own office have been using and doing detox juice cleanses and I noticed a pattern – lots of hunger, irritability, not working out!  Out of curiosity I dug into the nutrition of some of them and realized there’s real nutrition deficiencies in many of them – tons of sugar from the fruit, almost no protein and, surprisingly given the vegetables in many, very little fiber.  There are nutrients like anti-oxidants in fruits and veggies so by no means am I anti-juice, but I wanted to create a program that would be richer in key macronutrients and that fundamentally supports the body’s own detoxifying systems in a better way.


Our 1-Day Refresh is a 4-step, 1-day plan.  For our detox hot cereal program, we worked with a nutritionist to include ingredients like Globe Artichoke, Dandelion Root and spices like Cayenne, Cinnamon and Turmeric, but the core of the program is our Superfood Grains – Quinoa, Oats and Amaranth – that along with nuts and seeds provides a ton of protein and fiber.  Our program delivers a full 100% of your daily fiber or about 32g!  Why is that key?  Because the body needs fiber to support its natural elimination processes, with the side benefit that it really satisfies hunger.  Oh, and the biggest thing is that we don’t add sugar, so there’s almost none in our plan, a full 90%+ less than what you’ll find in the leading 1 day juice plan.  We don’t think you’ll miss the sugar, especially when you’re wanting to feel your best by giving up sugar for a day, but for some who likes a little sweetness this allows you to add what fits your own philosophy, whether it be honey, stevia, maple syrup or whatever you feel best about, at the level you want.

Another reason I created the program is that personally I never felt I could do a juice cleanse, even for a day, because a) I love food too much and b) I didn’t think I could make it through the work day or a workout without the calories – maybe I’m just not tough enoughJ. Also, as someone who’s constantly thinking about what to eat or prepare next for food, there’s a calming relief to not having to think about what you’re going to eat in the day – it’s all planned out for you in easy pre-made meals.Plus, it’s only a 1-day, low-commitment, high-reward proposition! What’s not to love?!

Below I’ve journaled here my own experiences on the 1-day plan. I look forward to hearing what you think about our program once you try it too! And don’t forget, HYDRATE! Water is your friend, so drink up!

-8:30am Step 1 Breakfast – SPARK Lemon Maple Cayenne. After my short but metabolism-starting bike ride into the office here in Solana Beach – a beautify sunny morning– I dug into our SPARK: Lemon Maple Cayenne detoxifying hot cereal to start the day.  Extras – some mixed nuts, lots of water, some nice black tea from our friends at Smith – ‘Bungalow’ blend, my favorite.  Right away the cayenne and lemon gave me a little zesty spicy wake-up.  I added some mixed nuts on top for some extra healthy fats and protein.  While everyone likes to refresh their own way, I find some extra calories, protein and fat help with maintaining the energy level you need if your active/workout.  If you haven’t tried our SPARK before it may be my personal favorite, but like with all our flavors please know it’s not sweet!  When I’m doing it as a healthier breakfast and not part of the plan I sometimes add some honey or almond butter, but for those that like lemon and cayenne it doesn’t really need it.  The nuts I’ve added also add some additional crunch to it.  An observation for anyone new to our foods, this oatmeal is really, really filling.  As someone who enjoys food I can tell you that I almost can’t finish the cup – a real difference vs. juice right off the bat, because they never make me feel full.052A8572

-Post breakfast quick hydration boost – a glass of water and a slice of watermelon – yum!

-10:30 – Probiotic boost with a nice bottle of Revive Kombucha. Super low sugar level and the fermented probiotic is great during a detox to help support you.

-12:20pm Step 2 Lunch – BEAM Dragonfruit Maqui Berry. Big shift from the SPARK, not spicy at all with more of a fruity flavor.  For those new to our Refresh, the first thing you notice is the bright pinks and purples of the ground super-fruits we use – Maqui Berry, Dragonfruit, Blackberries and Raspberry.  Again not sweet so you really feel a well-settled feeling eating it, not a dessert with the rise and fall sugar crash.  That’s the surprise – you expect the lack of sweetness, but you don’t expect that not having sugar makes you actually feel great both during and after eating.  Definitely filled me up again, which is surprising as I typically eat a substantial lunch.  It’s probably due to the whole grains being so fiber-rich.  Also, as with breakfast, this Refresh naturally made me want to drink more water than normal, which is great because the soluble fiber needs it, and because it helps your body’s natural detox processes to be fully hydrated.

-4:50pm Snack – organic black plum. A little whole fruit during the day is a great snack to bridge you and keep you occupied, while adding more hydration, fiber and some powerful antioxidants.  Plus I love plums this time of year.

-5:15pm – Bike home


-6pm Step 3 Dinner THRIVE – Turmeric, Beans & Greens. Diving into The combination of beans and a more savory, spicy flavor was really satisfying and filling.  This flavor answered my craving for a savory, dinner oriented meal.  I didn’t feel like I was missing something, and the spices really satisfied.  I’m going to start having this one for lunch sometimes!

-7pm Additional Veggie’s – Steamed Broccoli & Grilled Corn. Given how much I normally eat and how active I am, I wasn’t sure if I needed more calories so even though I wasn’t hungry I cooked up some fresh veggies from our Detox plan (link) list.  Note this is more fiber on fiber so I had even more water, and felt very full and satisfied.  I’m crazy for fresh corn this time of year, but to be honest I almost wasn’t able to finish this.  In the future I might try a small piece of omega-3 rich fish like salmon or sardines if I’m trying to boost the plan.

-8pm Step 4 Reward – BLISS Coconut Chocolate Date. I wasn’t hungry but had looked forward to this flavor all day, so about 8 I tucked into a BLISS with some fresh raspberries on top.  I have to say, it was a great combination, with the berries adding just enough sweetness to the dark cocoa flavor to quench the sweet tooth.  Again, I was happily surprised to think this could be another go-to for breakfast when I wasn’t doing the full plan.


OK, summing it up –

What I gave up:

  • Overeating – Lots of between meal snacks I don’t need – it’s surprising in our office – with everyone being a foodie and having lots of brand friends we always have lots of delicious and healthy foods around, but the reality is I eat more than I need because it’s fun and I love food.
  • Added sugar from indulgences I love like chocolate.
  • Wine and alcohol with dinner – lots of wasted calories (though some antioxidants and other health benefits!)

What I didn’t give up:

  • Surprisingly, I didn’t have to give up feeling full. I thought I’d be hungry but instead I felt light and energized!
  • Eating! Drinking juice makes you give up the physical satisfaction of chewing and enjoying food.  This Refresh did not – knowing I’d be eating real food every few hours gave me the confidence to do it and stick with it.  I’d highly recommend that if you are doing juice you consider swinging in one our detox cups when you think you need to – you may find it really satisfies you and helps you stick to whatever plan your doing.
  • Healthy, whole food snacks when I needed them. I did eat watermelon and a plum, plus some veggies, and I think including greens and fruits in your diet is never a bad thing! Remember, this is not a monastic deprivation plan; instead our Refresh is about helping you get on track to the healthy regimen you’re wanting to engage long term.  Fruits and vegetables SHOULD be part of that, as should healthy proteins like salmon.
  • Exercise – I still biked to work and did my normal weights routine. Because I felt energized by the amount of energy I was putting into my body, this was no issue at all for me! That’s the benefit of eating Real Food vs. juice, as I didn’t feel like my body needed to give up the workouts.

How it felt:

The spices are really a secret trick here that I’ve taken from Asian cuisines.  Beyond their health benefits the spices really satisfy and cleanse the palette, and you don’t feel like you need to eat more, vs. the Western approach of sugar to finish a meal that leaves your body craving more.

Side note, you shouldn’t feel the full plan is required – I also like rotating through them for simply a great healthy breakfast that gets me started on the right track.  It works that way as well!

*Remember, always consult a physician before doing a cleanse/detox, and know your own body.  Whenever you are uncomfortable listen to your instincts and add food, water or whatever you need.